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Is “DIY Marketing” a Thing? Is it Even Possible?

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Is DIY Marketing Possible?

Is “DIY” Marketing a thing?  Is it even possible?

Short answers: It is, and yes — to an extent.

When looking at DIY, what you can accomplish often comes down to measuring the amount of effort you’re willing to put forth against how much it costs to have someone else do it.

I bet I can build a website. I can watch a YouTube video about how to do it and then use a template or maybe drag-and-drop on — I’ve got this!

Hey, I’m with you. I built a raised garden using scrap wood last summer. It’s great. And it’ll be better once I figure out how to grow something.

What you probably can do yourself

Framework. Beginnings. Laying the groundwork for something great. This is the stuff of entrepreneurs. When it comes to DIY marketing, you’re in the best position to get started. You’ve got the vision, the dream, the scrappy sense of self-motivation.

This is the stuff of entrepreneurs. You’ve got the vision, the dream, the scrappy sense of self-motivation.

Some examples of what you can probably do yourself include determining the desired look and feel of your website and even setting it up yourself with a drag-and-drop solution or by learning some WordPress basics.

You’re also qualified to set goals and determine your message (Who are you trying to reach? What’s the right message for every audience you hope to connect with?)  Even when you work with a professional marketer, these are questions you’ll have to ponder on your own.

You’re also the best judge of the voice or overall “tone” of your digital presence. You’ll arrive at that conclusion once you start tackling Web copy and blog posts.  This is when you show customers who you are by telling them why you’re passionate about what you do. The from-the-heart stuff about your business always starts with you.

Your DIY approach can also include social media. You’ll find your tribe by using your gut. Get a conversation going. Get a few going. Create a vibe and buzz around your mission, your products, your business. It doesn’t have to be huge, it doesn’t even have to be right —  it just needs to be authentic.  And it needs to be done.

What you probably can’t do yourself

Maintain, monitor, scale. Overlook these at your own peril.

I’m talking about development and long-term execution of growth strategy. Once you’ve set the tone for your marketing and business goals, you need someone to continue to do the work. I’m talking about the tedious, day-to-day stuff.  The things that have to happen even when you’re engaged with the aspects of running your business that are closer to the money.  You need someone — or someteam — to tend that garden while you lay the groundwork for next season.

In more practical terms, this is where DIY ends and collaboration begins. You’ve got your website up and running, and a few dozen visitors a week — what’s your plan for getting more?

Positive reviews are coming in, but how do you speak to the dissatisfied customer? When do you find the time while working to rectify the issue internally?

And what about next quarter? Will you deploy new marketing channels?  Consider a website redesign? Make a video? Launch an AdWords campaign? What about rebranding?

It’s a lot to consider.

DIY is a great place to begin, but if you’re looking to grow while maintaining focus on the bigger picture, at some point you’ll have to enlist the help of experts who understand and share your vision.

Doing it takes learning and execution. Growing it takes maintenance and evolution.  Where you decide to share the work falls somewhere in between.

Good luck out there.  Call us when you need us.

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